Just had a lovely walk to the library to return some books. Found they had just got a new Amy Tan book in. Really pleased as she's one of my favourite authors. Lots of sunshine so now feeling hot hot hot!

Really impressed with ArtistsInfo admin and technical team. Decided I wanted to change the image I had on their website. Managed to delete it but then found I couldn't upload any images. Tried a few times then emailed them. When I logged on after lunch they had replied and the problem was sorted. Have uploaded a couple of elephants and flowers. Not sure if I should put all on but can change at a later date. May have to resize images as the page looks a bit untidy.

Going to spend the next hour doing some sketches from the photos I cropped yesterday. Seeing Sue, my painting buddy and good friend, tonight so we'll put the world to rights and spur each other on with our artwork.