Now have 2 layers of 'texture' on the five boards so I can now start experimenting with paint and acrylic inks. May sand some areas first. Feel I'm moving away from the endangered elephant but I'm hoping this playing around will help me with what I want to do next. One of the images is of an elephant with part of his trunk missing due to it being caught in a trap. Trying a mix of paint, matt medium and polyfilla to build up the texture. I was using emulsion paint, pva and polyfilla but Narbi at Details advised me that using the pva and emulsion paint might cause problems in the future. Knowledge of materials has moved on a bit since I was at college so decided to take his advice. Looking forward to the next part. Think I'll only work on one or two boards at a time and then hopefully be able to control what I'm doing better on the later boards.